We hold all online classes on a platform called zoom. It allows the instructor and student to interact safely from the comfort of their own home while experiencing the same quality of education they would receive in person at the studio. They can chat, share files, and screen share any media back and forth during the lesson.

Please contact us for taking online classes.
212-967-8101 (Mon-Sat / 10am-6pm)


Each class will have a student to teacher ratio of about 6:1.


We teach students based on their own skills and needs. We focus on what works best for each individual regardless of what class they’re taking with others.


All of our teachers provide live demonstrations of the work during the lessons so that each student can follow along more simply. Communication is the key in order to succeed at building the best educational atmosphere possible.


Each course (drawing, painting, watercolor, etc.) will come with online video tutorials that will help the student study a bit more on their own outside of their regular lesson. They can watch the videos provided some time before or after the class in order to have a better understanding of the material they’re learning.


  •  Art and Design / Young artist program 
    Conferences are provided each semester, which will cover personal progress consultations and follow-ups on our Young Artist Roadmap Action Plan.
  •  Art competition 
    Students will be recommended to apply for seasonal competitions after in depth evaluations. They will then be assisted throughout the preparation of their portfolios, completion of their applications and final submissions.
  •  Portfolio preparation 
    We know the importance of getting into not only the best schools but getting into a school that will be the best fit for the student themselves. We’re here to provide them with guidance in choosing which projects to work on for their portfolio and the most suitable majors that will cater to their strengths as an artist. Through private meetings outside of their regular session, additional work assessment is given to those in need.

All course supplies will be provided to those who have paid a material fee. It will be shipped to the student’s desired mailing address. All students who are not in the Portfolio Preparation and Art Competition class are required to pay the material fee unless otherwise instructed.




Private online lessons are ideal for those looking for an interactive and productive lesson from abroad or even just at home. It makes scheduling flexible and there is no need to worry about time differences.

  •  Winter 2022  Mon, Jan 10 – Sat, Mar 5, 2022
    - Winter Break: Mon, Feb 21 – Sat, Feb 26, 2022
     Spring 2022  Mon, Mar 7 – Mon, Jun 20, 2022
    - Spring Break: Mon, Apr 18 – Sat, Apr 23, 2022
    - Memorial Day: Mon, May 30, 2022
  • Scheduled Session
    Winter 2022 / Session 1: Mon, Jan 10 – Sat, Mar 5, 2022
    Spring 2022 / Session 1: Mon, Mar 07 – Sat, Apr 30, 2022
    Spring 2022 / Session 2: Mon, May 02 – Mon, Jun 20, 2022
  • All prospective students are encouraged to register before the beginning of each semester as places are limited. A registration after the beginning of the semester will be considered only if places are available.

For more details and registration:

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